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HeBei Yi County HuaY uS tone Material Co., LTD has estab-lished itself as one of the leading independent manufacturer andexporter of naturals late and stone tiles in China with 30  years'history.We are engaged in stone-related mining, processing andexpro ting.Meanwhile we own four slate quarries:HY 014 ,HY 020, HY104andHY 013.

We have a full rang of products such as slate, mosaics, netpastes, stepping stone, roofing slate, machine-made cobblestone, culture stone.sourced directly from our own quarries.We aregood at customized orders with different finishings:, Calibrated,un-calibrated, split, saw cut, tumbled and honed.Our productsmainly export to US, Canada, Europe, Japan ect.

Our aim is to offer high quality and a full range of natural slates.We can offer you the most suitable product for your need at acompetitive price.

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